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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
lesbian moments
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Don't you sometimes get those lesbian moments when you least expect it? I was in the train on my way to class. I was sitting on the bench when suddenly this really hot mama with an hourglass figure walks in and stands a few feet away from me. She was wearing jeans and what would normally be a loose shirt but on her it fit like a glove. And she turns her head and her long shiny hair fans out behind her and I see her face and she was B-E-U-T-FULL! She saw me looking at her and she gave me a sweet smile (that reached her eyes).

There were no empty seats so she was forced to remain standing. I thought about offering her my seat but that would have ruined my view. Sometimes, I swear, it isn't a lesbian moment, but a "man moment". If I had a dick, I would have had an erection.

* Nice breasts (a little on the generous side but not overly), tiny waist (I could have spanned them with my hands), wide hips (ala Shakira) and a nice round derriere (none of those flat, saggy, or nonexistent butts most people nowadays seem to sport, sigh).
* Long, almost waist-length straight hair, fair and clear complexion, elfin features, and no make-up except for a little gloss.
* Simple clothes and shoes, no jewelry except for stud earrings, and a simple yet stylish purse.
* Generous with her smiles and does not seem to have any airs. I don't think she even realizes just how hot she is.

But those are the best kinds of people to meet, the ones who aren't so caught up in themselves. I hope we get to ride the train together again soon. Maybe this time the seat next to me will be free and she could sit beside me. Maybe we could start a conversation. Hope she's not an airhead. That would be a downer.

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